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Never wax again!

Sweet skin since 2018

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Never wax again! have you tried sugaring? It's pretty sweet.

Our #1 goal is to make you feel good about yourself and your skin! Shoals Sugaring offers a variety of luxury services including facials that are customized around your skin care needs. We offer a natural, gentle, and nourishing approach to hair removal and skincare.

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I’ve been getting waxed for about a year - but this was my first time visiting Laurel. This was by far the least painful and most thorough waxing I’ve ever had. Waxing shouldn’t be insanely painful - you’ve just gotta find the right girl! Laurel is that girl!!!! Barely felt a thing! 10/10 recommend.

Emmaleigh Nix


What is sugaring?

It might sound like baking, but sugaring is actually a method of hair removal. Similar to waxing, sugaring removes body hair by quickly pulling the hair from the root. The name for this method comes from the paste itself, which consists of lemon, water, and sugar. If you are looking for an effective and pain-free way to remove unwanted hair, body sugaring is the way to go.


A sweet hair removal

If you have been getting bikini waxing, eyebrow threading, laser hair removal, endless shaving, and any other hair removal treatments, you are going to absolutely love sugaring. Sugar will not adhere to the skin making it a perfect treatment for sensitive skin and sensitive areas.

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